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1. Burning Desire.

Your desire to succeed must be so strong that it dominates a majority of your thoughts and actions daily. Focus on yourself and your vision. Not everyone, actually rarely anyone will have the same vision as you, so you can’t expect others to support you or encourage you. Many many people might try to discourage you or bring you down.

2. 1000% belief level.

You must have 1000% belief that you can and will do whatever you set your mindset to. 1000% belief level means that you have already created your reality visually. There is no way you can not achieve something physically when it has already been accomplished by you visually.

3. Relentless work ethic

At the end of the day you just need to be the hardest worker in the room. It’s not enough to do the bare minimum. The bare minimum will get you minimum results. You need to go the extra mile. Wake up an extra hour earlier, push out that extra rep, do that extra phone call and take notes on that extra training. A lot of people think they can “work smart” for only a few hours a day and because of that they don’t have to work hard. That is being lazy, you haven’t earned that luxury yet. It doesn’t work like that. It’s about being working hard with maximum productivity levels. Imagine someone working hard at working smart for 10 hours a day and being productive while doing it. This cuts the learning curve massively.

4. Consistency & adaptability

I seen people make 6 figures within a single month and then lose it all within a few months, to be dead broke and in debt. This is what happens when you become unaware and lose your consistency. If you want to produce long-lasting results you must be consistent with the other traits above. On top of being consistent, you must be adaptive. Trends are always changing, if you want to succeed and take advantage of trends you need to be able to become fast paced adaptive. Start being consistent with all the traits while adapting. In example, if something you were doing was producing results before stops producing results, then quickly adapt to what works again and consistently work hard and double down on those strategies.

5. Map & Mentor

Find a mentor. A mentor can be a person or it can be various books, but the reality is there are people who are in the place you want to be right now, so it would make sense for you to follow their footsteps and learn from their mistakes which will allow you to cut the learning curve by 10x plus! After that, create a map. A map is a solidified game plan that you need to hold yourself accountable for. This can be self created or it can be a map from a mentor. If you want to do something, chances are someone has done it before. Find out what they have done and sample your map off of their journey but make sure your map is revised to fit your needs and the current trends.