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  Fixed or Growth Mindset?

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Understand that every human being has a Fixed-Mindset or a Growth-Mindset. The type of mindset you have will effect your ability to succeed in life. People with Fixed-Mindsets believe intelligence, skill, and talent are fixed. They also avoid challenges, hide flaws, ignore feedback, and even feel threatened by others success. Now it is very clear on how this can hinder anyone's success in life. Understand that these types of mindsets are passed on through family, friends, media, and education system. Now is time to be honest and transparent with yourself. Is this is the way you have been thinking? If the answer is yes , Perfect! Its time to take the steps toward a new-mindset.

It is crucial that we develop and build the right mindset for success. We can call this a Growth-Mindset! Growth-Mindsets believe intelligence, talents, and skills can be developed. They believe effort leads to mastery, mistakes are part of learning, views failure as opportunity, embraces challenge, welcomes feedback, and views others success as inspirational. The difference in the two thought processes are huge. It is obvious why some will succeed and others will suffer. The best part is we are in full control ! We can choose our morals, values, and beliefs. The choice is ours ! The best part there are actions we can take. Actions which will change our mindsets, which will ultimately change our results.