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  Why Mentors Matter?

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Mentors or business coaches are one of the most valuable resources an entrepreneur should tap into. The idea of launching a business should no longer be a scary or daunting experience, riddled with unknowns. It should be a collaborative experience accumulating the learnings of the hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have already built successful businesses, and can help you move faster and avoid known pitfalls based on their years of experience, as entrepreneurs themselves.

And, what is great about mentors or business coaches is that they come in all shapes and sizes that can handle the myriad of topics that you may be having a problem. In this program, we have multiple different individuals mentoring, these people come in all shapes and sizes and have different experience that make them unique. By having multiple different mentors, you cut the learning curve massively because you get to see multiple perspectives and live more than one person's life and mistakes. There is no where else you will be able to find this type of education based off life situations and growth, so take this program serious.

Comment below, what you learned most! Will choose one person each week for a 1 on 1 mentorship call and a Team Jet Set shirt!